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Wedding Day Survival Kit

April 3, 2014

You imagine your wedding day to be absolutely perfect. You may think you won't need those emergency items, but, it's always better to be prepared for those unplanned hiccups. To help you prepare for those hiccups, we have put together a list for your "his" and "her" wedding day survival kits.

Blog 6 - Survival Kit

So where's the best place to get these items? Anywhere you can find the travel sized items in Target, or any other similar store. Altering your kit based off the time of year and location is also something you can do. What else would you recommend to include in the "his" and "hers" wedding day survival kits?

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Save-the-Date Etiquette

March 27, 2014


 save the date

After many, long hours you have finally found the perfect venue to have your wedding. You now have the answer to the most popular question asked “When is the wedding?!” It is now time to give your family and friends an update! Sending a wedding save-the-date card is a pre-invitation mailing that announces your wedding date. Save-the-dates let your guests know that they will be invited to the party. We have put together etiquette tips to follow when creating your Save-the-dates.


1. Show Your Personality


Be creative. Your save-the-date should reflect you and your significant other. Whether it’s telling the story of how you met, you’re favorite colors, if it’s informal or formal, etc.


2. Keep Track of All Your Guests Addresses


If you haven’t already, gather your guests addresses. If you do not have them off hand, allow a couple weeks to scavenge them up. We recommend the website Postable for keeping track of all of your addresses. The website is a secure and user-friendly way to keep all of your addresses at your fingertips!


3. Enclose a Magnet


What’s more annoying than trying to find that save-the-date card you got 3 months ago in a pile of papers? Brides these days are enclosing a magnet with their save-the-dates, so your guests can stick it right on their refrigerator! While it serves as a nice gesture, it keeps your guests organized as well! 


4. Have the Right Information


Just having the date is not enough. Make sure you are putting the most important details on your save-the-dates. Include the wedding location such as your hometown or a destination wedding locale, along with the date so that guests can make travel plans. Guests need to know how far they will need to travel, and if they need to take off work.


5. When to Send Them


If you are having a local wedding, we recommend sending your save-the-dates 6 months prior to your ceremony. If you are having a destination wedding, we recommend 8 months. This is a common-courtesy to your wedding guests. It allows them to book their travel, save some cash, and ask for days off. If you send it any later, it might as well be an invitation.

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Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue


March 12, 2014
Picking the perfect wedding venue for your ceremony and/or reception is one of the most important decisions you will need to make. Finding that perfect place will give you and your guests memories that will never be forgotten. However, a lot of brides and grooms arn't quite sure what to ask when you go in for the interview. We have provided 12 questions that are crucial to ask everytime you visit a venue! Everything adds up fast, so make sure you sit down and discuss every question thorougly!
Blog - What to ask Venue
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5 Tips For Finding An Affordable Wedding Gown

March 6, 2014


 The wedding season is approaching us fast. Brides are looking for the finest way to have their wedding day perfect without having a “break-the-bank” budget. Wedding gowns are one area where you can significantly watch your budget. These days, brides have many resources when trying to find an affordable, yet elegant wedding gown.


Here are our ways to get an affordable wedding gown: 

       1. Explore Online 

The web has an endless count of online shopping stores such as bridal retailers, discount stores, Amazon, Macy's, and The Wedding Outlet. The majority of brides still shop in-store; however, after a few visits to the bridal shops, they get exhausted. More and more brides are looking towards the internet to get their shopping done!


eBay is also another place you may want to keep an eye on for an affordable wedding gown. eBay offers a “Buy it Now” or an auction format. Not everything is used on eBay, a large number of retail stores are set up on eBay. Make sure you look carefully at the buyer’s feedback rating, if the seller has provided photos, and always ask questions you may have before buying!


2. Consider Borrowing or Buying a Used Gown


You may not ever consider using someone else’s already used dress; however, it was only used once. Feel free to take it to the dry cleaners, or even adding your own personal touch to it will make it feel as if it has never been used! When you buy or borrow a used dress make sure you ask questions! Here are a couple of examples of questions to ask:

    • Was the dress cleaned after use? How? Did the original wearer get anything on it?
    • Ask if you can Skype with the seller
    • What are the measurements? Nearly every wedding dress is altered, and a previously-altered dress won’t match the size label. If it's a sample size, they tend to run smaller than street sizes.

ashley dress




       3. Consider Buying a White, Ivory, or Champagne Bridesmaids Dress


It may not be a true wedding gown, but, you can find one for less than $200! There are many sites online and bridal retailers that sell accessories that you can embellish your dress with a wrap, sash, ribbons and/or sequins.


4. Make It Fit!


Finding a dress that is a size or two bigger than your measurements, could save you money! Finding an excellent tailor is key to your success for this tip. When looking for a larger gown, find the size of your largest measurement, as it is easier to take in!

 ashley dress2
        5. Visit Trunk Shows and Sale Racks


Visit your local department stores and bridal salons for their trunk shows and sale racks. Brides Against Breast Cancer hosts trunk shows around the country that sell new and used donated wedding gowns. All the proceeds fulfill wishes for terminal breast cancer patients. The next show in the Twin Cities Area will be in November of 2014 at the Millenium Hotel in Minneapolis, MN.



Photography by Cari Dugan 

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Choose A Wedding Date Wisely

February 24, 2014

You’re engaged! Now what?! You become bombarded with the most important question, “When is the wedding?” Feeling overwhelmed, you rush to choose a date without much consideration. Although, there are times couples are not looking for a specific date. Sitting down and giving a thought to your idealistic dates will be helpful down the road.

The Season

Picking a specific season is found to be helpful for couples. After you have decided if you like fresh greenery of summer, the warm autumn colors, or the perfect winter wonderland, you can narrow down dates from there. Which season do you enjoy more? What season makes you the most happy? Many Venues offer Off-Peak Season deals, if you are looking for a wedding on a budget. Consider seasons that weather may be a conflict.

The Month

Months with weather conflicts are something to consider highly. April and May months, if you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you may get rained out. July and August, you’re guests will melt in the sun. Winter Months, especially in Minnesota and Wisconsin, you may have a winter blizzard. Keep these factors in mind. If there is a month that has significance to you and your spouse, this part may be easy. However, depending on how far out you are planning, venues may be booked. Calling in to see available dates during certain months is also something to consider.


There are some couples who would like to plan their wedding on a particular holiday. Fourth of July, Memorial Weekend, Halloween, Christmas, and of course, Valentine’s Day are all holidays couples are interested in. Although these holidays can be exciting, your guests will have to go through significant hurdles. Your guests may not want to travel or spend time away from their families on these days. Some venues may boost their prices on specific holiday weddings, due to high demand.

Day of the Week

Depending on the venue, different days of the week can be cheaper or more expensive. Most places, it is less expensive to have your wedding on a Friday and Sunday, rather than a Saturday. However, Friday’s require guests to take off work or school. Sunday evening weddings go later in the night, where your guests will have work the next morning; causing them to either: A. not show or B. leave early. If you plan a wedding on a day other than Saturday, expect that some guests may not be able to make it.


Religious Constraints

Couples who will have religious ceremonies should confer with their houses of worship as to which dates will be acceptable. It is imperative that you consult with them before booking any other part of the wedding.

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